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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Merge two Blogger account into one

"I think I may have created two google accounts without realizing what I was doing. I see that I now have two 'profile' areas. I want to cancel the account that I opened today, but leave the account open with my same profile that is with my current blog."

This was the question posed by a blogger. Answer is simple. For this task, it is best you use 2 different browsers for the 2 different Blogger account. (This is one of the reasons I have 4 browsers in my computer. It used to be 5 until I got this new computer. To read about my reasons, go to Why you should be using more than 1 browser.) By using 2 browsers, you can be logged into your old Blogger account (and email) in one browser, and into your new Blogger account in another. You will then not need to keep on signing in and signing out to carry out this task.

From the new blog created with the new Blogger account, click LAYOUT in the Dashboard for that blog. In the LAYOUT, click the SETTINGS tab, then the PERMISSION tab:

Blogger settings permission tabs

You will then get to the page which will enable you to "Add Authors":

Blogger settings permission Add Authors

Click "Add Authors" and in the resulting box, type in the email address you used for the old Blogger account. Then click "Invite".

Check your Inbox in that email address to look for the invitation email, accept the invitation. Go back to your new Blogger account, and in the "Permission tab" you should see a new author (yourself) added. Tick the box to make yourself an administrator, and if you wish, you can then delete your new Blogger account for the new blog, and you will then have the 2 blogs in your old Blogger account and can do all you desire with both blogs. However, err on the side of caution, do not delete yourself until you are sure everything is going fine.

If anything is not clear, just make a comment.


Maryellen said...

Thanks so much for these instructions. I also created 2 accounts without realizing what I was doing and what a problem it would become.

I followed each step in your post and it worked. My problem now is that now my Profile is not in my sidebar. In it's place is "Contributors" who are both "Maryellen" (me). Clicking each link takes me to my profile. One profile has four blogs, leaving out one from my main profile, but my 2nd profile has only the original three.

I didn't want that, so I deleted those links.
After deleting "contributors", I now have no profile. I can't figure out how to create one now that reflects all 5 blogs.

Hope you can help me. If I have not made myself clear, I will give you the facts you need.

Thank you for your helpful blog.

Brett said...

thank you very much for this post. it helped me out tons.

Frances said...

I have multiple blogs and would like to merge two of them they are both blogger blogs and both under the same account. can I do that?

Amnon I. Govrin said...

I'm ended up in the same boat as Maryellen, so I severed the link.
I didn't create 2 blogger accounts by mistake, I simply bought a domain and switched my main Google account to be that of the domain.
What we really need is the ability to have one blogger account and login to it using multiple e-mails, so I can log-in with my old account and my new account. Until then we'll need to mimic the "About Me" functionality, though that doesn't solve everything.
One other problem is that in each profile the other account is shown as a team member, even when I tried preventing that through making one of the profiles private and hiding blogs I contribute to.
Either using multiple e-mail logins to one blogger account or allowing to migrate a blogger account to a new e-mail address rather than creating a blogger account per e-mail address would solve all these issues.
My web site is called Spacepirations, btw.

Amnon I. Govrin said...

This is not a solution, just hiding the problem. Maryellen describes one of the symptoms. Others are phantom "team members" of yourself in each of your profiles.
I ended up in the same situation by buying my own domain and wanting to switch to use an e-mail address on it exclusively (bought the domain using Google Apps).

Jo Wood said...

I have 3 blogs on each account - one personal, one work. I would now like to have all blogs under the one account - is that possible?

northam said...

Check this out:

You can truly merger blogs using Export/Import functionality under the Settings, Basic, Export or Import links!