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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Different profiles for different blogs

Different Blogger Profile using different email addresses

Some bloggers, including me, wants to have different profiles for different blogs. An example is Enviroman Says: An Environmental blog and Blogger Tips and Tricks. In the first case, the profile photo is a meaningful environmental cartoon. In the second case, the profile photo is my real photo, a very rare photo of me laughing away. This can be achieved by using 2 different Blogger accounts, which means having 2 email addresses, which also means more work as you have to be active for the email addresses you created.

In the case of Gmail, their Terms of Service says if your gmail is not active for more than 9 months, it will be deleted, and I suppose your Blogger account together with your blogs will go too as they are all tied together by a Google account.

Yahoo promised email address for live when I created my first Yahoo email address, but you don't see that anymore. I have yet to find out what their new terms are, but I know for a fact your Yahoo mail is deactivated, but not deleted if inactive. It is practically impossible to reach Yahoo for clarifications.

Whatever it is, I would advice against using a Gmail address to create a Blogger account, and not only that, when you are signed into a Blogger account which uses a non-Gmail address, never create a Gmail account as then the new Gmail (Google) account will hijack the Blogger account and you will have to use the new Gmail address to sign into Blogger. I will write more on this later.

Advantage of using different Blogger accounts for different blogs to get different Profiles is that you can use different display names (names that will appear as "Posted by ....." at the bottom of all the posts in all the blogs, so this should be the method you use if that is what you want.

Another advantage is that you can add your lists of interests, favorite movies, favorite music and favorite books to the profiles, and each of them become active links with which you can use to find bloggers with the same interests and favorites, plus there is a chance that your profiles, and thus blogs, may be found by other bloggers doing the same thing. This may help increase traffic to your blogs as described in Increase traffic to your blogs by adding interests and favorites to your profile.

Different Profile using the same Blogger account

If maintaining more than 1 email address is too much work for you, you will have to use a work around like Different profiles for different blogs using the same Blogger account. The disadvantages of this method that at least one profile will not be a standard Blogger profile where you can add interests and favorites to try to increase traffic to your blogs as described in Increase traffic to your blogs by adding interests and favorites to your profile. Further, every posts in EVERY BLOG will have the same display name displayed as "Posted by .....". There is no work around this except perhaps to remove that "Posted by..." in those blog where you don't want your display name to be displayed.

Why I have the same display name in blogs using different Blogger accounts and how to have different display names for different blogs

I have a few Blogger accounts for various (non-sinister) reasons such as wanting a different Profile photo for different blogs, creating a Blogger Beta account when Blogger Beta (now New Blogger) was first introduced, fear of running into the limits for storage, etc. However, I chose to use the same display name for all the blogs. If I want different display name, that is not a difficult task to do. All you have to do is to sign into which will take you to the Dashboard. At the top right corner, click on EDIT PROFILE and you can then change your display name to whatever name you want.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

How to get deleted Blogger account back

This is put up right at the top to help a desperate blogger who accidentally deleted her Blogger account and need help to get it back. So a quick section right at the top first and this post will be edited later:

First, Blogger usually will advice that the blogger probably has forgotten he of she has created more than one account and will suggest going to Forgot password and see if you can make some headway there.

Failing that, try problems. You may be taken on a merry-go-round, but perhaps if you have problem but come across a set of choices where there is a "report a bug", select that and see if you can connect to Blogger Support.

The rest of the post is not ready. Got to rush off to a gathering to support some people who had been unjustly arrested. Hopefully, this will lead to some solution. If not, leave a comment.

The rest of the post will be edited later:

This is a tough topic because the goal post keeps changing. I have made 3 previous posts which have multiple editing and updates because Blogger Support keeps changing the way they can be contacted. The previous posts are

Contact Blogger Support

Contact Blogger Support Part 2

Problems signing into Blogger Dashboard, don't see your blogs in Dashboard (note: Blogger Help says often the reason is because the blogger may have created 2 Blogger accounts and forgot about the other one, and therefore don't see those blogs in the forgotten Blogger account in the signed-in Blogger account. You may test this by