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Sunday, December 9, 2007

How to get deleted Blogger account back

This is put up right at the top to help a desperate blogger who accidentally deleted her Blogger account and need help to get it back. So a quick section right at the top first and this post will be edited later:

First, Blogger usually will advice that the blogger probably has forgotten he of she has created more than one account and will suggest going to Forgot password and see if you can make some headway there.

Failing that, try problems. You may be taken on a merry-go-round, but perhaps if you have problem but come across a set of choices where there is a "report a bug", select that and see if you can connect to Blogger Support.

The rest of the post is not ready. Got to rush off to a gathering to support some people who had been unjustly arrested. Hopefully, this will lead to some solution. If not, leave a comment.

The rest of the post will be edited later:

This is a tough topic because the goal post keeps changing. I have made 3 previous posts which have multiple editing and updates because Blogger Support keeps changing the way they can be contacted. The previous posts are

Contact Blogger Support

Contact Blogger Support Part 2

Problems signing into Blogger Dashboard, don't see your blogs in Dashboard (note: Blogger Help says often the reason is because the blogger may have created 2 Blogger accounts and forgot about the other one, and therefore don't see those blogs in the forgotten Blogger account in the signed-in Blogger account. You may test this by


Ruth said...

Thanks Peter! I look forward to readig the rest of your post whenever you have time to complete it.

I have sent messages via the "problems" contact sheet channel. And as of now, have not heard a peep. I guess this is what causes me concern. After sending so many messages and not a word -- are they even getting my cries for help? Is there another way I should be going?

It gives me hope to read about others who have been helped in simiar dire situations such as mine but the hope wanes as the silences increases.

I appreciate your tips and will continue to do what I know to do to fix this horrible situation I am finding myself in.

This blog is sentimetal to me as a stay at home mama as I have chronicled many special moments with my kids and I want to make sure I do all I can to bring it back -- if it is at all humanly possible.

Thanks for your time and timely tips. I will be back to glean from your wisdom.

Ruth said...

Peter -- again -- thank you for your help and encouragement. My blog was restored after 6 days of pleading my case to blogger. The way I was finally able to contact them was via the contact form that you have listed here. THANK YOU!

The Smith Family said...

Hello, I was just reading this conversation between you and Ruth and I find myself in the same predicament. I have deleted my blog. I have been writing emails to their support at and I have YET to get ANY response. This is the second day. I am SO upset and feel like I'll NEVER see those precious memories of my children again. See, I too am a stay at home mom that has been working on my blog for TWO years. I would be SO devastated if I could NEVER get those posts back. Please help if at all possible. Thank you
Shelley Smith
You can contact me at

RYKIEL said...

hi theres, i still din gt any help in getting my deleted blog back..are u able to guide me? o.O"?

Gruffydd Younge said...

Help! I had been working on a posting for two hrs and deleted the contents by mistake, is it possible to retrieve what I lost?

Gruffydd Younge

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